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Manchester United website and blog UnitedRamble.com is an independent website that has no direct affiliation with Manchester United Football Club, however, the United Ramble team enjoy a highly amicable and mutually relationship with the club and the official Manchester United Website.

Although the UnitedRamble.com website is effectively a commercial venture because of its few advertising affiliations, the website makes no real profit at all. All proceeds from the display of advertising banners that you see on the right hand side in the sidebar of articles go towards the maintenance and upkeep of the website (hosting etc).

The use of photographs, which on this website are a max of 640×320, of Manchester United FC player and those of other clubs, be they domestic or international, is done so on the basis that UnitedRamble.com is a non-profit service for fans of Manchester United Football Club. If it is felt that any copyright laws or ownership contracts have been breached and a complaint as such is received, our online team promise to remove the offending material with immediate effect.

The owners of United Ramble strongly discourage the further reproduction or use of imagery to which we do not hold the rights too.

The site owners reserve all rights over all other matter penned by or on behalf of the site owners and its use elsewhere is strictly forbidden unless the consent of the owners of this site have been granted for its use.

The use of editorial matter from newspapers, websites or other media sources is done so without the permission of the content owners but we operate under a strict commitment to fully credit the source of the content as well as provide hyper-links back to the associated website, if it exists.

If you have any questions or would like to contact United Ramble direct, please contact us here.

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